Frequently Asked Questions

Admission Model

Our admission model for BC high faculty students has been modified for abatement and onwards because of the outcomes of an in-depth evaluation that decided the -route admission mannequin didn’t assist scholars’ success their aboriginal yr. The alterations are in part based on the altering BC curriculum, including the elimination of provincial exams. As soon as the brand new BC class has been accomplished, we will evaluate the courses and regulate the lists, therefore. It allows particular person courses to accentuate classes that are the best principal to their discipline. It comprises selected brand eleven and grade lessons, which might be potent symptoms of aboriginal year success. It allows for us to consist of brand facts throughout a large spectrum of brand eleven and brand classes. These lists are in response to analyzing all lessons introduced through BC college students over the closing five years. Lists A and B comprise courses that our analysis has proven are apocalyptic of student success based on a students’ aboriginal year at SFU. List A: required or counseled classes used in the admission comparison, which are effective warning signs of scholar success and principal to the software of look at. Record B: authorized courses used within the admission evaluation recognize the breadth of courses students can also finish. Record A is the classes that will assist scholar success of their supposed software. We, therefore, suggest that students focus on accomplishing well of their listing A courses.

Progam Checklist

Every program’s checklist comprises classes, which are essential to the self-discipline and warning signs of scholar success in the chosen environment of examination. Why is the faculty of Arts and sociable Sciences FASS candidates required to acquire a math or science path as a part of their required lessons? ninety% of BC grade applicants to FASS accomplished a math or science path in excessive faculty. Will the minimum of five classes affect the number of courses grade college students retract? No — our analysis indicates that % of BC applicants presented or more accepted brand courses; the only % of BC applicants had accomplished most effective four permitted grade classes for admission. Can students seize more than admission methods? Sure — is only the minimal variety of allowable brand classes required to be considered for acceptance. All accredited lessons remember as we choose a comprehensive analyze a scholar’s transcript. College students are inspired to complete at the very least courses, and if they are looking to capture more significant than, select those they trust they can do neatly. For college kids with six or greater grade courses from list A, the bottom checklist A, a non-appropriate brand, can be far from the contrast for college students with six or greater permitted grade classes. However, five or fewer from checklist A, the bottom brand from listing B, can be far from the evaluation. If an appropriate path inside Lists A or B of a first alternative software is unavailable, or a pupil is clumsy to buy the courses because of own accident, there are two the right way to appeal a course exception.

Five Path Minimum

Excessive school students need to accommodate the five path minimum to be considered for acceptance: Any route that satisfies the BC commencement requirements for cozy stories eleven will accommodate SFU’s warm stories admission claim. For instance, a student using the faculty of Arts and Sciences can also exercise historical past to satisfy each the friendliness reports and listing A necessities. Students who also shouldn’t have math can utilize an authorized algebraic course to accommodate the quantitative and expand their utility evaluation brand. AP and IB courses can be used in the vicinity of tangible equivalents to satisfy specific program requirements, e.g., CHEM HL = CHEM and in area environment equivalents. We will now not be artful an admission standard. In its place, we will consume grades for all authorized courses in contrast to acceptance.

Rates and Assessments

We aim to admit to students that might be successful inside their program of study. Historically, our candidates accept introduced grades within the’s to most courses. Some plans are more competitive and may crave better rates. The literacy and numeracy assessments will not be acclimated in the acceptance contrast, but all students should be trained in inarticulacy and numeracy to be regarded for acceptance. Students have to accommodate SFU’s English language and Quantitative and analytical skills requirements. Is SFU implementing a large-based holistic acceptance process, the place additional information apart from grades is used within the admission evaluation? A new program within the college of applied Sciences, good power Engineering SEE, can be piloting a vast-primarily based acceptance mannequin for fall; extra guidance will be released in abatement. What are the acceptance requirements for a graduate who does not follow for fall acceptance? A pupil may be captivated by the admission requirements relating to the months they accelerating for the subsequent two years.